About MM2H


21-49 year old applicants

Applicants over 50 years of age

Financial requirements:
Proof of current assets ≥ RM500,000 ≥ RM350,000
Proof of monthly income ≥ RM10,000 (per month) ≥ RM10,000 (per month)
When an application is approved:
Set up regular deposit accounts at local banks ≥ RM300,000 ≥ RM150,000
One year after expiry can be applied for withdrawal
(as a purchase of a house, medical care, and for the educational purposes of the children)
≤ RM150,000 ≤ RM50,000
From the second year until termination of participation in the program
(The minimum balance of the regular account must be kept)
≥ RM150,000 ≥ RM100,000
Medical report All applicants and their families (spouses and children) must submit a medical report from any private hospital in Malaysia, or registered medical treatment
Health insurance Successful applicants and family members (spouses and children) must have medical insurance from any insurance company accredited by Malaysia. However, applicants who are unable to sign a policy because of their age or health status may be exempted from compliance with the Ordinance
Background Certificate of No Record of Crime (toll service provided by the Hong Kong Police Force)
Approval time 3-6 month approval
Approved Report to Malaysia within a 6-month grace period

At present, the general application success time is 6-9 months.


  • 1-2 個工作天

    Consult and sign an agreement

    Get free advice from our professionals, and Payment of advances and signing of service agreements.

  • 3-5 個工作天

    Prepare the file

    Prepare the application documents with the assistance of our immigration experts and submit them to the MM2H authorities.

  • 1 個工作天

    Submit a confirmation

    We will scan and forward the submission receipt to you and you will obtain the application number issued by the MM2H authorities.

  • 3-6 個月

    Awaiting approval from the MM2H authorities

    We will follow up the initial approval situation for you in due course.

  • Enter the conditional approval process

    The MM2H authorities have sent an approval letter to the applicant requesting that the applicant come to Malaysia in person within six months.

  • 6 個月內

    Applicants need to travel to Malaysia

    We'll help you prepare. Open a term deposit account with the Bank of Malaysia; Insurance companies buy health insurance; A medical report is obtained from a registered private hospital or clinic.

  • 最後一步

    Submit the remaining files

    Time Deposit Certificate, Health Insurance Policy and Medical Report.

  • 恭喜你!

    Obtaining a 10-year visa

    Applicants obtain a visa for Malaysia's Second Home Program.

Documents required by the applicant

  1. Full passport cover (including blank page) (old passport required for less than one year of passport issuance)
  2. Letter of intent to apply
  3. Biographie
  4. Passport size, full color, white or light blue background photo x 5 photos
  5. Letter of proof of work (indicating position and salary)
  6. Last three months’ payroll
  7. Bank flow bill for nearly three months to prove wage income
  8. Bank flow list for the last three months proves that the latest total assets are greater than 500,000 or 350,000 Patay
  9. No criminal record
  10. Bank card
  11. Supporting documents: university diploma, company business license, real estate license, car license, etc.

Parents, Spouses and Children

  1. Full passport cover (including blank page) (old passport required for less than one year of passport issuance)
  2. Passport size, full color, white or light blue background photo x 5 photos
  3. Marriage certificate (if with spouse)
  4. Child’s birth certificate (if with a child)
  5. Spouse bank flow list (if the main applicant has insufficient assets)

Form required

  1. Adult Application Form
  2. Child Application Form
  3. Health Statement
  4. Bank inquiries on authorization letters
  5. Job inquiry authorization letter

About the Second Home Program

Is Malaysia's second home an immigration program?

Strictly speaking, it’s not. The Second Home Program does not change your nationality status, but rather gives you and a family an identity that lasts up to 10 years and can continue to be free to enter and leave and stay in Malaysia for an unlimited 10 years. You can cancel this status at any time.

How much does it cost to buy a second home?

There is no need to buy a house to run a second home. Many developers or real estate brokers wrap properties together with second homes. In fact, a second home is two different things than buying a house. Buying a house doesn’t directly give you second home status. And to run a second home also has no provision to buy a house.

What are the practical benefits of a second home?

Based on Malaysia’s own non-immigrant country, the second home is not intended to give foreigners any benefit, but rather to provide a convenient way for people who love the living environment or plan to retire here. So the conditions for applying are so simple and do not require any investment.

What happens 10 years after the second home expires? Can a child be over 21?

The next 10 years can still be renewed after 10 years. Children over the age of 21 will not be able to renew their name for the next 10 years and must apply separately.

Does applying for second home status require waiver of current nationality or will affect current nationality?

The non-relinquishofe of current nationality also has no effect on current nationality or other nationality in the application.

What citizens are eligible for benefits with second home status?

The Malaysian government has directly subsidized the necessities of life, such as rice oil salts, gasoline, natural gas, and so on. Subsidies for these necessities are not divided among locals or foreigners. As for public hospitals, which are burdened by rising medical costs and the Government, the Malaysian Government has officially introduced foreigners to public hospitals to pay for individual medical services since 1 January 2016.

Can I have a child in Malaysia?

No, the child is still based on the nationality of the parents. Unless one of the parents is Malaysian, the child can choose to be with one of the parents.

Is Malaysia the lowest country in the world to migrate to Menkan?

Basically, it’s. Compared to the rest of the country, the Malaysian government does not require you to make any risky investments such as buying government bonds, investing in business, buying property, etc. You are only required to deposit a personal term deposit in Malaysia, with an annual interest payment, and you may withdraw all funds at any time from the identity link.

Can I join a second home visa-free for more than 160 countries?

No, second home status does not change your international passport status. But you can apply for a visa to more than 160 countries while you are in Malaysia.

Can the applicant be employed in Malaysia?

Applicants under this scheme may start their own businesses or apply for jobs (with shares or directors) at a multinational company. However, if you want to be employed in a local company in Malaysia, you will need to apply for a license to the Immigration Department.

Can you use wealth management products, funds, government bonds or stocks in the second home asset certificate?

No. Now the second home only recognizes deposits and demands; (2016.6.04)

If you can provide the last 6 months of the bank monthly statement can also, the requirement is to reach the monthly settlement amount of 500,000 Patay (over 50 years old is 350,000 patacas). If, after the application is submitted, the Immigration Department sends a sample check, the bank amount will still need to reach M$500,000 (350,000 Malaysian dollars over 50 years of age).

About basic life

Is there a large Chinese population in Malaysia?

It’s for sure. Malaysia is easy to adapt to. The same weather throughout the year. Initially mixed cultural environments, Malaysians are generally receptive to people from different cultures.

No English at all, not Malay, will there be problems communicating in Malaysia?

It’s not a big problem. Local sit-in Chinese Chinese are everywhere and have their own Chinese names. Locals are generally more than happy to help foreign friends translate. Chinese signboards, Chinese waiters, restaurant plates, signage, street-to-street can be seen. Come back to Malaysia free and pay TV, radio, newspapers and so on have Chinese channels. There are even Malays and Indians who Chinese. Films in other languages in general in cinemas are accompanied by Chinese horse subtitles.

Can you get used to your diet?

Malaysia’s diet is varied and catering is almost everywhere in most of the world. Chinese food is mainly the most common in Cantonese food. In recent years, with the increase of the number of people who go back and forth to do business and come to live in The Number of People living in Malaysia, Sichuan, Xiang and Northeast cuisine have also begun to increase. After all, the ingredients, the environment, the customer base is not the same, the taste may be different from home. But come to Malaysia and enjoy the variety of food. In addition, food safety is the most critical element.

Is there a problem with China in Malaysia?

No. Malaysia’s three ethnic groups, Malays, Chinese and Indians have been living in harmony for nearly a century. Each ethnic group has its own places of worship, and many of the places of worship for more than half a century are one of Malaysia’s unique features. All ethnic groups respect each other’s cultures.

Is transportation convenient in Malaysia?

Aviation: There are currently more than 16 cities in China that can fly directly to Kuala Lumpur, while several malaysian cities such as Penang, Sabah, Johor and Malacca have also expanded to accommodate direct flights from China. Kuala Lumpur International Airport is one of the most important locations to fly around the world.

Public transport: Low-populated Malaysia is not yet perfect on public transport. Only Kuala Lumpur currently has a metro. Mainly to mobile buses and Texaco-based. Uber and Grabcar have recently become popular.

Private cars: Due to the sparse population, public transport cannot travel through many small places, and a family in Malaysia usually has two private cars or more. And the road construction is a poop road, large east-west north-south high-speed road through all the cities of the horse, as small as the road through the countryside are built very well.

About Education

Second home identity children how to study here?

Those with second home status can advance directly to a second home before going to college or college without having to apply for a separate student visa. After high school, you need to cancel the second home status to become a student visa to study.

Can I attend a free public school?

Yes, but not completely free. Foreign students are required to pay $120 a year in tuition fees and pay for school textbooks and homework books. In addition, public school places will be reserved for locals, and vacancies will be open to foreigners. What needs to be considered is that Malay is a compulsory subject.

How do I attend Malaysia International School?

Select a school, whether > there is a degree — take the entrance exam — and enter the exam. Tuition fees are detailed on the official website of international schools.

Does Malaysia's second home status require a study abroad visa in Malaysia?

If you are under 18 years of age, in Malaysia kindergarten, primary school, secondary school (including junior high school, high school) is not required to change the visa, directly use the second home visa to enter the school;

About Investment

Can Malaysia's Second Home status be registered in Malaysia?

OK. Malaysia’s Second Home status can have a 100-stake company, and shareholders need at least two people. If a single foreigner does not have a second home status to register with a Malaysian company, a Malaysian is required as a director or shareholder.

How does Malaysia's Second Home withdraw annual deposit interest?

Malaysia’s second home to withdraw interest in the way of the choice when the bank for deposit certificate, the bank has two options: 1. annual interest directly to your current account, term deposit principal unchanged 2. Interest direct transfer cost, the principal increase.

The result of these two ways is: the first way, you do not need to go to the immigration office to withdraw annual interest, the bank will automatically transfer to your current account; Generally the first way to choose, depending on the operation of the second home agent you choose.

Second Home Identity Doing Business in Malaysia?

At the end of 2015, Malaysia’s Second Home Centre announced that second home status is not allowed to do business in Malaysia. The previous rules allowing second-home identity persons to do business in Malaysia were amended.

The Second Home Application Center met and made amendments to the business problem. is allowed to do business, but cannot become an active shareholder. Being active means being a boss and being an employee. This will have an impact on those who tend to run a second home there to open small supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants Chinese. Hiring people to start a company in an office building will have little impact.

Malaysia’s Second Home Application Centre is designed to prevent foreigners from robbing their home from jobs, hoping that foreign investors will create jobs locally.

About Real Estate

What are the conditions for buying real estate in Malaysia?

Since March 1, 2014, Malaysia’s Ministry of National Housing has officially set a minimum price of M$1 million for houses purchased by foreigners. Because development policies vary from state to state, there will be some differences.

Does a buyer with a second home status have privileges?

No. There is no direct relationship or preferential treatment between buying a house and running a second home.

What are the tax and extra costs involved in buying a house?

The tax on buying a house is borne by the buyer, and the seller is liable for the profit tax earned from selling the house. The tax on buying a house like a local relates to the purchase and sale contract attorney’s fees, stamp duty, land tax and house tax, without the locals or foreigners.

Malaysia's second home can't buy second-hand housing?

Malaysia’s second home status can buy second-hand housing.

About Cars

How do I buy a duty-free car for my second home?

Foreign and local brand cars that are purchased locally assembled in Malaysia within 2 years of obtaining a visa from 2017 will have different tax deductions depending on the model. The deduction value is up to 30-40.

Can I drive in Malaysia?

Driving in Malaysia, like Hong Kong, is on the right side, and it is important to learn to understand the basic letters, because the road signs are all made of Malay. Although the navigator has Chinese version, it is still based on The Horse.

Can I deduct tax on buying a used car?

The sale of used cars is a transaction of the will of the individual, and the sale of used cars does not involve tax on the sale of vehicles. So there is no special tax deduction.

What are the restrictions on cars to be shipped into their country duty-free?

Second Homes, which will be approved from 1 January 2017, will have a two-year grace period to import motorhomes in the host country tax-free. Must be certified to own the rv for more than 3 years.

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